Quincy, IL Wedding Photographer

Rarely (emphasis on RARE-ly) do I ever have rain completely keep me from taking outside portraits at some point during a wedding. We always slip it in, even if it’s 10 minutes at an unplanned time and location. Well… Trisha and Rick can proudly boast that they are the ONLY couple in my 8 years of shooting weddings that it actually rained all day (thank you Hurricane Isaac.) But… all that whining aside, Trisha had the foresight to have a stellar back up plan. The Villa Katherine graciously opened their doors as we ran in from the driving rain for the big reveal–see Trisha’s head on Rick’s shoulder–they hadn’t seen each other at that point yet ;)   And the Ambiance was beautifully decorated and I don’t think you would have even know it was “Plan B” if you weren’t a guest. As always, Trisha had done everything with so much class. All I can say is beautiful.