Jayme + Tyler

It has been entirely toooo long since I’ve made a post… I have an entire list! I’m going to start with Jayme and Tyler. I know a lot of you brides out there are working away at planning and kudos to you! While your deep in your notebooks and files and inspirational photos–don’t forget to include “you”. One of my absolute favorite memories of this wedding was Kelly’s Cinnamon Rolls. Yea… all you Quincy-ians out there are drooling (me included!) They are one of Jayme and Tyler’s favorites. Now, my guess is that all the guests from their reception remember that; I do! But I guess my point is this–don’t get so wrapped up in magazine photos that you forget about what you love. Whether it be food or a favor or a certain place to take pictures, incorporate something that just screams “you”. Leave everyone talking ;)